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Where would I go when I travel to another city? Visit their old buildings!

Blenduk Church | Holga 135BC + EliteChrome


Have you ever think about future life? I mean, it's not about what do you want to be in the next 10 years. But the life after you dead...

Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah | Holga 135BC + EliteChrome


Happy Book Day! Or happy thesis day if you're doing the thesis now :))

Holga 120CFN + Ektachrome


The magic of holga, elite chrome and nature

 I took the first photo at about 5pm and the second photo at 6pm. Both photos taken with Holga 135 BC & Elite Chrome film. I'm surprised with the result because the color is sooo different from the reality, especially the one which was taken at 5pm (It's so blue right? I don't even do the editing for both photos)


Yeayy! Finally I'm bloging again since I forgot my old blog's password :)) Don't you miss me? I don't think so :( I won't talk more shitty things in my first post because I know my blog is shit :)) Hope you enjoy, if you don't here's a kitty for you