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A Walk To | Pantai Klayar - Pacitan

Probably Pantai Klayar is the most famous beach in Pacitan. Famous for its Seruling Samudera and Sphinx-shaped corals. People named it Seruling Samudera (flute of ocean) because of the sound that created from the big waves dashed against the coral and the water spurting from the hole in coral - which then make sound like a bamboo flute.

Rain didn't stop people to wait for the sunset. We enjoyed the sunset in Klayar, the last beach we visited. Hope that we can go back since there are more beaches and other hidden pretty spot in Pacitan :)

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A Walk To | Pantai Buyutan - Pacitan

I don't expect that Pacitan road is very winding and hilly, some road is also damaged. So biking in Pacitan is quite challenging and extreme haha. On the second day of Pacitan trip, I'm getting used to it. 

Another unique beach in Pacitan, you'll find rice fields just before the beach. You'll be able to see Pantai Buyutan from the rice fields area :D 

Entering Pantai Buyutan, you'll see a high stone wall. People used to take photo here before going down to beach area.

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A Walk To | Pantai Kijingan - Pacitan

Located next to Banyu Tibo beach, we can walk to Pantai Kijingan through hilly narrow path. Kijingan in Javanese language means tombstone, spooky huh. Just by its name I know that we should mind our behavior, well I think it's applied to all beach in Pantai Selatan area :D It's an infamous unwritten rules and myth of the Southern Sea in java. 

jalan setapak dari Banyu Tibo ke Kijingan

So yeah it happened! When we're busy taking pictures hehe, we heard scream. Two people nearly washed into the sea, luckily they have a group of friends that help them since the beach is like a private beach. It's only us and them here.

dua orang dari mereka hampir hanyut :(

Despite the shocking events, I love this beach with white sands and private vibes :D

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A Walk To | Pantai Watu Karung - Pacitan

Big coral islands and big waves are possibly the best features of Pantai Watu Karung (Watu Karung beach). It's said as one of surfer's favorite beach in Pacitan. Pacitan is truly a beach heaven in East Java. 

Therefore, I found more fish grill restaurant in Watu Karung rather than the others. However, it seems that the sellers didn't seem to stock much fish that we almost unable to have lunch here - the fish dish for lunch is not so good as we expected. 

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A Walk To | Pantai Banyu Tibo - Pacitan

Back in the end of 2015 (yet it's a very late post haha), me, Ian & Syakir impulsively decided to explore Pacitan (a home town to Indonesia's former president SBY). It's not-so-famous-yet destination, cheap and another heaven for surfer or beach lovers. And Banyu Tibo is our main beach destination :D

After office, we went straight to bus station in Lebak Bulus with a hope that we'd still get a bus. It was a long weekend so it's hard kinda hard to find the bus with a good facility, not to mention that the price was way more expensive too. It's better if you take the bus from terminal in East Jakarta or Bekasi area! Finally we arrived in Jogjakarta then we took travel to Pacitan, that we ordered while in the bus haha. We arrived in Pacitan the next night after we depart from Jakarta. Bad traffic made us feel like it's Lebaran holiday already :') 

We stayed in Harry's Ocean homestay, I think it's the best one in Pacitan with good price, rustic wooden interior, provide bike rental and most foreigners surfer also stay here hahahaha. Note that the bale-bale type of homestay is only available in the first Harry's Ocean (they have another one which located on the same street). 

We took motorcycle and rely on Waze/Google Maps to wander around Pacitan. Of course Banyu Tibo is our first beach in our first morning. The beach is famous for the waterfall that fall down to the shore of the beach. We have to wait until the tide dropped & the waves decreased so it will be safe to go down to the beach. 

The beach reminds me to beaches in my parents' hometown, it has big waves! Tipe-tipe pantai selatan gitulah :D

One thing that I don't like from this beach is the food sellers around the beach, it just contaminate the pretty view hahaha. Well we bought coconut water there haha but it would be great if they relocate somewhere else :')

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On The Way | Homecoming 2016

sepeda tua di halaman belakang rumah eyang

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