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A Walk To | Lake Kawaguchiko - Fuji Five Lakes

Setelah drama ga kebagian tiket bus dari Tokyo ke Fuji Five Lakes, kita pun ngeteng naik kereta (yang mirip commuter line di Jakarta) dan naik kereta Thomas yang lucu itu alias Fujikyu Railway - semuanya demi ngeliat Gunung Fuji! 
akhirnya sampe juga di Stasiun Kawaguchiko yang berasa kaya Stasiun Bogor
Kawaguchiko Station
It was 5°C at that time 
Nggak usah takut nyasar karena banyak papan petunjuk (yang tulisannya Jepang haha)
mau hiking aja kawaii banget ya :3
Kawaguchiko Omnibus alias bus wara wiri :))

Akhirnya sampai juga kita di Kawaguchiko Station, dari sini kita naik bus wara wari nya Fuji Five Lakes. Tujuan kita buat ke Lake Kawaguchiko dan Kachi Kachi Ropeway. Lake Kawaguchiko itu adalah salah satu dari Fuji Five Lakes (ada Kawaguchiko, Saiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko and Motosuko) - semuanya adalah spot-spot ok buat menikmati Mount Fuji. Di daerah ini banyak resort, hot spring, basecamp sebelum naik ke Mount Fuji dan banyak tourist attraction lainnya. 

inside the bus

Rasanya pengen tinggal di sini, buka jendela liat pemandangan danau, gunung Fuji terus pergi ke ladang buat bercocok tanam! hahaha

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Proplus 100 (expired)

How to get there: Read my previous posts


On The Way | Thomas and Friends Train of Fujikyu Railway

As I wrote before, we took hours to Kawaguchi from Tokyo, moving from one train to another. We arrive at Otsuki station, glad that we had JR Pass because it saved our money. We were relieved and happy that we took train than the bus because it turns out that it's faster, cheaper and guess what....

We got this Thomas train! hahaha we were so excited like every children in here

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Proplus (expired)

How to get to Kawaguchi (Fujikyu Highland) by train: 
Take the JR Chuo Line from Tokyo's Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station (70 minutes, about 2500 yen by direct limited express train or 100 minutes, 1320 yen by local trains with usually one transfer along the way). From Otsuki, take the Fujikyu Railway Line to Kawaguchiko Station (55 minutes, 1140 yen one way). We had our JR Pass that we didn't need to pay to get in. The JR Kanto Area Pass covers the entire journey (except panorama seats on limited express trains); however, the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass are not valid between Otsuki and Kawaguchiko so we must buy round trip ticket and show our passport for Fujikyu Railway (2250 yen)


On The Way | Kawaguchi

Our plan for the second day in Tokyo, wake up early for Kawaguchiko! Probably some of you haven't heard of Kawaguchiko (just like me before I made the itinerary haha) but you must have heard of Mount Fuji. It's one of the best spot to view Mount Fuji, as we're not able to hike Fuji at that time.

We planned to reach Kawaguchiko by bus but unfortunately we ran out of tickets. With a serious discussion and internet access, we decided to take the train that took foreveeeeer to arrive in Kawaguchiko haha. Though, it was worth the view, both while on the way and Kawaguchiko itself. Somehow unplanned and surprise during traveling makes it more unforgettable right?

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Proplus (expired)


A Walk To | Ginza Tokyo

Are you rich, pretend to be rich or just a curious tourist like me? Go to Ginza! It's the most famous upmarket shopping and entertainment district. Not my favorite, I prefer Namba and Dotonburi in Osaka which is more conservative :P

Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji Proplus (expired)

How to get there:
Take train to Ginza Station on the Hibiya, Marunouchi and Ginza Subway Lines and Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line and Yurakucho Subway Line.


A Walk To | Harajuku Tokyo

Strolling around Harajuku and wishing that I would meet Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Then I found her! At the Harajuku station haha, she's popular but I don't know that this harajuku girl is super popular in here. I could easily find her on the ads around Japan :))

Just like Akihabara, watching people around Harajuku entertained me more than the shopping - though I impulsively bought shoes here :))

harajuku station
Things to do in Harajuku:
1. Wear your best dress and be outrageous not the way like you used to be *which I didn't do it :p
2. Watching people like a creep *probably don't
3. Walk to Yoyogi Park enjoying cherry blossoms while drinking tea
4. Visit a crowded stall or cafe there, because it must be good for a reason
5. Shop your fav brand yourself or shop at the biggest Daiso 100 Yen Shop for your people haha

busy street, Takeshita Dori
Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Superia (expired) and Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji Natura 1600

How to get there:
Harajuku Station is a station on the JR Yamanote Line. Only a short walk from Harajuku Station is the subway station Meijijingu-mae Station, which is served by the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Subway Lines. At the eastern end of Omotesando is Omotesando Station, which is served by the Chiyoda, Ginza and Hanzomon Subway Lines.


A Walk To | Akihabara Tokyo

First day in Tokyo was about... shopping day! As an otaku (not a freak one), I like to be in Akihabara honestly haha. I didn't shop that much but watching the people and toys in here entertained me :P

may I join to da club
AKB48 cafe

Pentax Espio Mini + Kodak Ektar 100 and Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Superia (expired)

How to get there: 
Akihabara Station is a busy station served by the JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, JR Sobu Line, the Tsukuba Express and the Hibiya Subway Line. Suehirocho Station on the Ginza Subway Line is located around the northern end of the district. (JapanGuide)