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On The Way | Kawaguchi

Our plan for the second day in Tokyo, wake up early for Kawaguchiko! Probably some of you haven't heard of Kawaguchiko (just like me before I made the itinerary haha) but you must have heard of Mount Fuji. It's one of the best spot to view Mount Fuji, as we're not able to hike Fuji at that time.

We planned to reach Kawaguchiko by bus but unfortunately we ran out of tickets. With a serious discussion and internet access, we decided to take the train that took foreveeeeer to arrive in Kawaguchiko haha. Though, it was worth the view, both while on the way and Kawaguchiko itself. Somehow unplanned and surprise during traveling makes it more unforgettable right?

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Proplus (expired)

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