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Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Survivor!

Throwing back to the most absurd-funniest-craziest trip last year to Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Koh Phangan - Bangkok!

That $1 mint ice cream on a hot day!

Kuala Lumpur
Culinary night and a long-long-long walk searching for a little joy. I thought KL is just not for me :/

Visited touristy place like other people do, my favorite one is Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. Meet some peeps who still wearing neon tees (basian Full Moon Party ngumpul semua di Khao San Road). If you want to stay in an exotic hostel (eksotis buat bule, kalo kata gw mirip rumah2 di jawa haha), you can stay at Suk11 Hostel. I read about this hostel from one of my favorite travel blogger Nomadic Matt. They also have traditional Thai Restaurant in front of it with cheap & quite delicious dish, it's always full with tourists and locals. I should explore Bangkok more - next week for Songkran Trip :D

Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan is an island between Koh Samui (busy & touristy island) and Koh Tao (diving and snorkeling spot). Koh Phangan is famous for its Full Moon Party. We researched a lot about Koh Phangan and found out bad things happened so we have to be careful. 

This island is literally a party island. There's always reason to have party everyday from Voodoo Party, Jungle Party, Foam Party, Boat Party, Black Moon Party, Half Moon Party and the biggest one is Full Moon Party. Fakir keriaan pasti bakal betah bener disini, kalo gw sih 3 hari juga cukup. It's funny that the province's main city, Surat Thani, is sooo quiet while Koh Phangan is so alive (alive at night but like a dead city in the afternoon, haha). You can easily find medical clinic, the number of clinics are as many as the bars :))

People from different countries come and unite here for the the music! *teet* *apeu*. Thousands of people flooded Haad Rin Beach with neon clothes and glow in the dark paintings. I'm not a fan of clubbing but I enjoyed Full Moon Party, I found DJs who play hardcore and drum&bass music, yay hehe... The party is not as crazy in a bad way like what people wrote in articles, you just have to control yourself. And we survived! You should go for once in a lifetime experience before you turn 30 ;D

"WE CAME. WE RAVED. WE LOVE!" - leavetheworldbehind :))

it was not anyone's wedding, this was the only instax film I could find