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On The Way | Guitalele

Taken from the boat to Pulau Dolphin (Kepulauan Seribu) 
Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + forgot which film I used :))


A Walk To | Menganti Beach (Pantai Menganti Kebumen)

I was curious with one of the "new" beach which lately shared in online news. Apparently Kebumen is some kind of rising star travel destination now haha. Menganti Beach (Pantai Menganti) attracts me as it's located in my mom's hometown. Wat de waaat? :D

I haven't heard that beach though during my homecoming travel, I always visit at least one beach in Kebumen (yes this city has a lot of beaches). The beach located on the other side of the hills, the driver should be good! :P

view from the hilly road to Pantai Menganti

Pantai Menganti isn't a type of beach for swimming - I think
so just enjoy the view
or look for shells 
or other creatures :/
or buy some coconuts for family

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + forgot which film I used :))


A Walk To | Shutter and Button

Shutter and Button is a film lab service located in Jakarta. They also sell some cameras, films & other accessories. Luckily I got free film dev & scan service from them. Yay! Big thanks Shutter & Button and Ratih especially. 

PS: These pics were also dev & scan at Shutter & Button. Click the link for more info!

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Kodak Ektar 100