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Selfeet II

My feet have been longing for another trip, my hands are anxious to write some posts for "A Walk To" series haha. And, I haven't processed any rolls from Mount Ungaran trekking last NYE, will do it at once with another rolls of my journey next week (which I've bought the ticket since last year haha). 待てません!

PS: I've started to work at new office as well this week ^^

Pentax Espio Mini + Fujifilm Xtra 400 (expired) and Kodak Gold 200 


Monkey, monkey everywhere

There are so many monkeys in Pantai Bama, Taman Nasional Baluran - some are vicious and naughty. We were relaxing near our hammock in a breezy chilly afternoon then suddenly a little monkey come closer and steal our nuts (even the package was still sealed!) and another monkeys swarmed our land haha. Glad that our guide kindly let us borrowed his broken rifle and shoo the monkeys with it. That's the story how we won the war :')

do you ever feel like a plastic bag?
You get the nuts, you get the nuts. EVERY MONKEY GET THE NUTSSS!
I think I'm going nuts
Merry nutsnuts, you filthy monkeys. and happy new day!

Pentax Espio Mini + expired Agfa Color 100