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Testing the new Pakon F135 Film Scanner & Hillvale Sunny16

A friend of mine gave me Hillvale Sunny 16 film, as usual I Google about it before I use a new film/camera. Turn out that this film is manufactured by Fujifilm and its original emulsion is Fujicolor Superia Xtra 400. And finally we tried out our new Pakon F135 film scanner, as an addition to our Canoscan flatbed scanner. And Voila! I love the result, the red tone on the Benteng Van Der Wijk's came out pretty well. The green tone on the plants is also similar to Fuji Superia film, which I already like! 

indoor - low light

inside a train

indoor - beside the window :p

so fuji

Nikon FM10 + Hillvale Sunny 16 ASA 400 27 exposures