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A Walk To | Mangrove Forest, Pantai Indah Kapuk

I've been curious with Mangrove Forest in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. Well I think Jakarta is lack of green spaces haha, finally we have time to go there.

Before strolling around, we had lunch at Dapur Buntut which recommended by some culinary blogs and website. We tried two menus, both delicious! Oh there are a lot restaurants and cafes nearby Mangrove Forest, one of culinary heaven in Jakarta.

the view from mosque inside the mangrove forest
the view from birdwatching tower

mangrove bushes... mangrove bushes everywhere
It's a nice place to visit in weekend in Jakarta. There are cano, boat and wood cabin which we can rent. We decided to chill in Hong Tang afterward (because taiwanese desert shop is trending nowadays), it was perfect for that hot weather in the afternoon.


Entrance fee: Rp 25,000/person
Cano/Boat: Rp 100,000/hour 
Wood cabin: Rp 300,000/camp
No camera allowed (except phone camera). I hid my camera in my bag, it's small anyway haha

How to get there:
  • Mobil pribadi: Keluar Tol Kapuk Muara - Masuk Pantai Indah Kapuk - ikut arah Waterboom - ikut arah Golf Mediteranian & garden House - Bundaran PIK - masuk ke belakang Pusat Agama Buddha Tzu Chi - sampe deh tuh!
  • Angkutan umum: naik Transjakarta arah Pluit - naik angkot B01 sampai perempatan Muara Karang - angkot U11 sampai Buddha Tzu Chi
By the time this blogpost is published, I'm on the way to Ijen Crater to see the famous blue fire :D

photos are taken using Pentax Espio Mini + expired Fuji Superia 200



A visit to my parents' hometown in Central Java and Yogyakarta during Eid-Al-Fitr holiday.

view from the train
Photos are taken with Olympus Trip 35 + Fujifilm Superia 200



I was tagged to do this challenge by my friends in Instagram. So, I was kinda lazy to post that long-long post so I decided to post 1 fact in 1 picture in my Instagram account @shufi_. I finished it in more than one week haha.
Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji Superia 200 | Mangrove Forest
So, here they are :D

  1. I'm the only on child
  2. as the only child, I use to do anything by myself "ngelakuin apa2 sendiri, pergi sendiri, masak sendiri, makan sendiri, tidur pun sendiri~"
  3. sunrise and sunset lovers
  4. is my birth month
  5. I love traveling, who doesn't?
  6. is my birth date
  7. I wish I could swim. Ada yang tau guru renang cewe? :))
  8. I think some dogs are cute but I'm afraid to touch them. @marutaro is exceptional, much cuteness, so fluffy
  9. I love seafood. Apalagi kalo fresh & dimakan dipinggir pantai
  10. Psyduck, snorlax & meowth are my favorite pokemon 
  11. I prefer museum/park to malls 
  12. I like cats but my mom doesn't allow any pets in home
  13. I like train better than any other kind of transportation. Everytime I take train, Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar pops on my mind (you'll get it if you know their music video). Oh, and I like this song since I was in junior high school 
  14. I love reading. Reading shampoo/soap bottle, drink packages as well.
  15. I like to feel the wind blowing through my hair
  16. I love mountains as much as beaches
  17. I sleep with the light off or I'll wear my eye mask hehe
  18. I like prodigy & daft punk when I was in junior high school. Since then I listen to electronic music a lot, mostly drum&bass and chiptune 
  19. I want to travel around Indonesia. Or at least travel to the main islands of 17,508 islands in Indonesia :D
  20. I used to go to telecommunications engineering vocational school but then I studied English Literature in college. Sometimes I want to be an engineer, again. Now I'm working in the digital advertising agency. Though, I love living my life :))


Chasing Sunrise | Virgin Beach, Bali

Our mission to climb Rinjani was accomplished, it's time to go back. We decided to take sea lanes to Bali and camp one night. We chose Pasir Putih (meaning white sand) beach or also known as Virgin Beach. It is located in a tiny village in Karang Asem, so it's not really far from the harbor, rather than tourist center of Bali, such as Kuta or Seminyak. There are many more places to explore in eastern Bali, quieter part of the island; good beaches, diving spot, mountain, cultural places. 

When we got to Padang Bai Harbor, there were no public transportation left. We have to wait for another hour, so we decided to took Ojek. We arrived around 7pm and it's already quiet. Virgin Beach has secluded location, but I didn't think that it's so secluded that there's not a single villa or hotel in a sight, even proper streetlights. There was only one small local cafe with beach longue chairs, but it's already closed. 

After we finished building our tent near the cafe, we heard something from distance, dogs! They barked at our tent, all of us are scared since it was already dark and we didn't see how big the dogs are. We kept staying in our tent without cooking our dinner haha

Waking up in the tent and enjoying the sunrise is one of the best feeling ever.  We enjoyed the turquoise waters, cooked own breakfast, watched and talked to local fishermen who just go back from the sea. And... we finally saw the dogs! I don't know if they were the same dogs from last night, but they looked so tame. Do dogs become so aggresive at night? For those who scared of dogs, do not camp anywhere in Bali, hahaha! 

blacky the dog

If you plan to have sea or road lanes from Lombok to Java island via Bali, here's our list.  

  • Lembar Harbor - Padang Bai: Ferry (Rp 40,000)
  • Padang Bai - Karang Asem (Virgin Beach): Ojek (Rp 50,000)
  • Karang Asem - Ubung Terminal: Mini bus (around Rp 50,000)
  • Ubung - Gilimanuk: Bus (I can't recall but it's around Rp 20,000)
  • Gilimanuk Harbor - Ketapang Banyuwangi Harbor: Ferry (Rp 5,500)
  • Banyuwangi - Surabaya: Mutiara Timur Malam Train (Rp 100,000), 
  • Surabaya - Jakarta: Bangunkarta Train, or you can take cheaper train. Oh we have some time to walk around Surabaya before taking the train to Jakarta.

 photos are taken using  Olympus Trip 35