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I was tagged to do this challenge by my friends in Instagram. So, I was kinda lazy to post that long-long post so I decided to post 1 fact in 1 picture in my Instagram account @shufi_. I finished it in more than one week haha.
Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji Superia 200 | Mangrove Forest
So, here they are :D

  1. I'm the only on child
  2. as the only child, I use to do anything by myself "ngelakuin apa2 sendiri, pergi sendiri, masak sendiri, makan sendiri, tidur pun sendiri~"
  3. sunrise and sunset lovers
  4. is my birth month
  5. I love traveling, who doesn't?
  6. is my birth date
  7. I wish I could swim. Ada yang tau guru renang cewe? :))
  8. I think some dogs are cute but I'm afraid to touch them. @marutaro is exceptional, much cuteness, so fluffy
  9. I love seafood. Apalagi kalo fresh & dimakan dipinggir pantai
  10. Psyduck, snorlax & meowth are my favorite pokemon 
  11. I prefer museum/park to malls 
  12. I like cats but my mom doesn't allow any pets in home
  13. I like train better than any other kind of transportation. Everytime I take train, Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar pops on my mind (you'll get it if you know their music video). Oh, and I like this song since I was in junior high school 
  14. I love reading. Reading shampoo/soap bottle, drink packages as well.
  15. I like to feel the wind blowing through my hair
  16. I love mountains as much as beaches
  17. I sleep with the light off or I'll wear my eye mask hehe
  18. I like prodigy & daft punk when I was in junior high school. Since then I listen to electronic music a lot, mostly drum&bass and chiptune 
  19. I want to travel around Indonesia. Or at least travel to the main islands of 17,508 islands in Indonesia :D
  20. I used to go to telecommunications engineering vocational school but then I studied English Literature in college. Sometimes I want to be an engineer, again. Now I'm working in the digital advertising agency. Though, I love living my life :))


  1. So the picture was taken in 94? I was just 5 that time... and u were a grown-up edy. Wow!

  2. 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 15, 17. Wow! Almost alike. I'm an only child as well and pur birthdays are just 2 days apart. Mine is 4/8. :p I didn't know there are more than 17k+ islands in Indonesia. Wow. I've only been to one, which is in Batam when I was still living in SG. Your chili crab is A+++ <3

    1. Wow maybe because of our birthday and we're the only one child as well, haha. Indonesia and Phillipines archiphelago are alike, both have beautiful islands and beaches <3

  3. Hello shufi, it's so interesting to see how you describe yourself, and we have a lot in common! cats, mountains, seafood, reading... and travel, exactly, who doesn't like travel...

    1. Thanks Angie for visiting, sometimes the simplest things could make us happy ;)