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Chasing Sunset | Rock Bar, Jimbaran Bali

The next day after me and my friends spent our afternoon watching Foster the People at Seminyak, we decided to enjoy the sunset at Rock Bar Jimbaran Bali. Rock Bar is often credited as being Bali's best bar, so we're curious and we have to proof our existence haha. 

We had to wait around 30 minutes to get in (waiting for the lift & free table), luckily we come earlier because the queuing line was getting longer and longer (most of them are foreigners). This bar is located on a rocky cliffs of Jimbaran Bay (suddenly silly thought come up: what if there's an earthquake and we're all gonna die here, haha!) but it really has a great view! It's a nice place to chill -- well, not really chill after a Japanese old man passed out and fell from the stairs behind our table :(. We had quite perfect table to watch the sunset eventhough it was cloudy that afternoon. I recommend you to visit Rock Bar during your visit to Bali (bring your beloved one will be a good idea) :D
the cliff

view from our table

Holga 135BC + Scotch Chrome



Holga 120 CFN + Kodak Ektachrome
Holga 135 BC + Kodak ColorPlus


Main Gimbot Nggak Bikin Pusing

"bang berapaan gimbotnya?"
"yang ini main seribu sejam"
"yang ini 5juta di meja"

Properties and portraits of my Indonesian Chiptunes fellow ^^

Holga 135 BC + Fuji Superia


I Will Stop

  • over-thinking
  • eating too much fast food
  • drinking liquid or too many soft drinks
  • buying unnecessary stuffs
  • staying up & waking up late
  • working too hard (haha) 

I have thought more things for sure but I forget them or won't share here :P What about you?