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Trekking Mount Rinjani Pt. 2

Mount Rinjani (3,726m) is the third highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Jayawijaya (4,760m) and Mount Kerinci (3,805m).  After chilling at Gili Trawangan, finally we arrived at Sembalun Lawang village by mini bus and pick-up car. We joined another people from Backpacker Indonesia group, which made us 48 people in total; then we stayed one night at Rinjani Information Centre in Sembalun Lawang to check-in and sleep before started trekking in the early morning. Trekking rinjani is exhausting - physically and mentally :D

Day 1 // Sembalun Lawang village - Post 2.5

It was a full day trekking, we were greeted by endless green yellowish savana. It looks so beautiful, I wanna stay here for a while but the sun will burn our skin haha. It was already afternoon but we haven't reach Post 3 yet. Our porters and friends which already arrived in Post 3 said the camp site was already full, no space left. So the rest of the group and porters were decided to set up the tents at sloping area between Post 2 and Post 3. It was gorgeous though, reminds me of the famous green landscape of Windows wallpaper haha. 

Sunrise at the post

Day 2 // Post 2.5 - Plawangan Sembalun 
Another long-long-long-walk-vertically day. We climbed endless hills, they call it "Bukit Penyesalan" (Sorrow Hills).  We could see the peak when we were at the bottom of the hill, but when we reached the peak, there is another hill. Repeat that 7 times hahaha! It was exhausting but I enjoyed how the mist and the wind passing through me. We arrived at Plawangan Sembalun campsite (2,639m) at afternoon. It was such a relieve, we can see Segara Anak Lake and Rinjani Summit. I tried to sleep at 4pm since we had to wake up at 11pm to start the summit. But then I woke up for sunset, it was so pretty! My exhaustion was vanished *at that time* :P
cloud passing trough our camp

Rinjani summit

Day 3 // Plawangan Sembalun - Summit - Segara Anak
We woke up at midnight for eight-hour trek to the summit, with torches attached to our forehead, cold, darkness and prayer hehehe. Mostly it was sandy trek, every three steps we took, we slid back two steps. I didn't know the temperature but the higher we climbed, the colder it got. Even we decided to sleep behind the huge stone and make tea to make us warmer. We didn't hug each other, maybe it would make us warmer haha. The last few meters from the summit were far far away from easy, we could already saw the summit but the trek was harder. We took a little rest at the edge of the cliff after taking 15-20 steps. Remembering the stories about how people died on Rinjani, I wish I could fly. Alhamdulilah, we reach the summit. The views was so breathtaking (oh yeah we already lose some breath on the way haha), it was all woorrrtthhh it! After enjoying the view and taking pictures we come back to our camp. Our way down were easier and faster, it's like skiing on the sands. We cooked pasta on the way, it was only pasta and canned tuna but it was the best lunch ever! <3
the cliff
Segara Anak from summit trek
People resting, hosh... hosh:D
We didn't make it to summit at sunrise :(

After arrived at Plawangan Sembalun camp, I overslept in our tent, but then some people in our group decided to pack and go down to Segara Anak Lake (2,000m). Maybe I was forcing myself that I got my knee injured on the way. Glad that we are all arrived safely at almost midnight.

Day 4 // Segara Anak Lake
It was a pretty place to camp. We didn't take shower for three days strike, and finally we soak in hot springs hahaha. Around afternoon, the rest people in our group arrived at the lake.  If one day I go back to Rinjani, I just wanna camp here, without climbing the summit.

Day 5 // Segara Anak - Senaru base camp
After spending 2 nights staying in Segara Anak, we packed to Senaru base camp. Senaru track was different, dominated by rain forest (Sembalun track is dominated by savana and hills). We walked down for 15 hours (longest walk ever), I was so happy when I saw Senaru gate, it seemed like I see the heaven's door haha.

There are a lot of things happened during our trekking, ups and downs (figuratively and literally, haha). I enjoyed the cool breeze through my hair, the sore muscles, the smell of the mist and plants, the breathaking view on the way, and our journey together <3

Photos are taken with Olympus Trip 35


  1. What an amazing, amazing trip! I don't think I could EVER make it the way you did but those views were definitely worth everything, right? I hope your knee feels much better! :)

    1. thanks Katie, my knee is fine, just need to remove the scar :P
      Yes it is :D If you're interested to go in your next visit to Bali, there are a lot travel providing trekking rinjani package from Bali, Lombok, or Gili Trawangan.