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A Walk to | Hong Kong

Last year, I got chance to spend a vacation to Hong Kong and China from my office, yay free trip! Haha. So these are some snapshots from the trip, pardon the blurry and greyish pics, LOL! I took them with my Holga 135BC and Fujichrome T64. A friend of mine said maybe it failed on the developing process because all the rolls that were developed in that studio were all look the same, while I have another rolls that were developed in other studio and they're all fine. But it's ok, sometimes shit happens, right? At least I'll still keep the memory in my head :P

Back to the trip, my office had travel agent to arrange our trip but we also sneak  around at night and day (when we felt the tour was boring). We went to Victoria Peak, Madam Tussauds, Ngong Ping, Window of the World & Cultural Village, Ocean Park, Ladies Market, Avenue of the Stars. We also wandered around Tsim Sha Shui, Causeway Bay, Lantau and some places which I forgot their names because they're all looks the same ^^. I've never thought I'll travel to East Asian countries -- except Japan, yes I eager to go there!  All in all, it was FUN! Well, it will be fun if you have friends to get crazy together, right? :D

The view from L'Hotel Nina, Hong Kong. Actually, it looks better than this pic haha

Victoria Peak. Again, what's with that line in the pic :/
Fog sign, with foggy and blurry result haha


  1. I actually love the way these turned out: grey and moody. The top one is especially nice.

    1. Thanks Frances <3
      It reminds how windy & foggy it was there :D