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How's Life

Hello. It's been a while since my last post. I have lot of photos from film cameras to share but I don't know what to write here (maybe I'll stick with short sentences with tons of photos haha). During my absence here, I do cherish small and big things happened in my life as such

I'm in second trimester of pregnancy! Yea whoa that escalated quickly :)) so related to this blog, should I write blog about parenthood, recipe, etc? kaya mamah-mamah blogger gitu haha!

I won 50 Euro vouchers from Lomography Wildlife photo competition. It's time to stock film rolls! :D I also received piggies for winning other competition and being featured in the site, sure my photos are far from pros but it's just fun to use analog cameras.

Me & my husband project is getting more recognition (which hopefully more piggy bank :P). Lumayan yah rejeki dede haha and we can support our hobby.

I got job offers from some well-known companies in the industry, the most alluring one is Google (because hey I can get @google email not just @gmail lol). Although in the end, I feel (and the interviewers feel) that it's not in the right time haha -sure you'll know why- tapi rejeki juga nggak bakal kemana and I do still enjoy my current job ;)

The luxury of priority seat in Commuter Line train :))

I cook more!

Yashica FX3 - Fuji Industrial 100 - DIY C41 - Pakon F135

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