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A Walk To | Togetsukyo Bridge Kyoto

Following the small walking path from Bamboo Groves, we found Katsura River (which I just knew the name while I'm writing this). We thought we lost at that time because nobody walks there, we found another tourist but then she walked back to the way we came. The path was kinda creepy and it's almost sunset. We were joking that if somebody killed us, nobody will know. What a relief... it didn't happen.

we didn't know the meaning of this sign, we just followed the arrow haha

silent, creepy park :P

Along Katsura river, there are cherry trees which made Togetsukyo Bridge a favorite spot for spring and fall. It reminds me of Banjir Kanal Timur in Jakarta but here is much much better haha. That afternoon I saw young and old couple spending time together, people jogging with their pets, a wedding, and tourists walking - taking pics -taking Pleasure Boat or enjoying time to do nothing and staring at things/people like us :D

after long walk without no one around, finally...a civilization

The Togetsukyo bridge itself was built around 794 and reconstructed in 1930s. I love the view to forested mountainside from here. There are also small stalls on the riverside, since it's spring already, I bought sakura ice cream. The taste? It's like vanilla but less sugar and it has flowery or leaf-ly taste haha

Pentax Espio Mini + Kodak Ektar 100

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