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A Walk To | A Heaven for Film Camera Enthusiasts, Shinjuku

I've been always wanted to explore Shinjuku, plus I've been following Japan Camera Hunter and Tokyo Camera Style - their posts often make me wanna grab my wallet. I have some camera wish list and wanna try my luck to hunt in Shinjuku :))

I did the search by myself while my other friends shopping for clothes. I only had about an hour to find the shops with this guide (I've printed before in Jakarta haha). I couldn't find my dream camera, but finally I found this beauty which stole my money! hahaha. 

Yodobashi Camera. I didn't took pic at the other shops.

Sayangnya banyak toko yang udah tutup dan Shinjuku itu cukup luas juga ya jadi ada toko yang ga ketemu. Akhirnya pencarian dragon ball harus diakhiri. Yodobashi Camera & Bic Camera, you made my day! <3

shinjuku at night

Olympus Mju Zoom 115 + Fuji Superia 200 (exp) | Pentax Espio Mini + Natura 1600

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