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Trekking | Ijen Crater

It was 1am, we prepared to start trekking Ijen Crater from our campsite. Ijen volcano, located in Banyuwangi, has a large acidic volcanic crater lake called Ijen Crater (Kawah Ijen in Bahasa Indonesia). Beside sulfur mining, Ijen is famous for its "Blue Fire". It is said that there are only two craters in the world that have blue flames, in Iceland and Indonesia, whoa! 
blue flames
We had to trek 3km (2-3 hours) to reach the rim of the crater. We reached it just in time to see the blue flames, about 1 hour before sunrise. So, this 'Blue Fire' is caused by the ignition of leaking sulfur fumes from sections of ceramic pipes laid to a volcanic vent.

I saw the beautiful looking blue fire with the surreal turquoise color crater lake and milky way sky. Even though it was still dark, I could tell that Ijen was so pretty! 

the crater lake

reaching the peak again on sunrise
sulfur miner's basket 

How to get there:
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Tips if you plan to visit Ijen:
  • Start trekking at 2am at the latest, So it gives you time to hike up without rushing, see the blue fire and chase the sunrise from the top of Ijen.
  • Bring headlamp, wear warm jackets, trainers, and outdoor shoes or running shoes if you don't have any.
  • Bring mask if to protect you from sulfuric gas. I used it as well on the way up since there was a fire two weeks ago in the area. The path were still covered with ashes.
Photos are taken using Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji XTRA 400
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