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Ijen's Superman!

I thought Rinjani's porters are the strongest men in the world, and then I saw sulfur miners at Ijen.

When you're at Ijen, you'll see these men passing you. They collect solidified sulfur and carry a very huge loads over 70 kilograms on their shoulders with bamboo baskets.

They do this work up to 3 times a day - by trekking 3km up to the crater then walking down the steep path to the collection point. They use only their bare hands and basic tools. Don't think about safety face mask, they wear only a piece of cloth or old tees to cover their nose. 

This high risk job which risk their health and life earns them Rp 70,000/day (around $7) which I could spend easily in a day :(

If you pass them, do not hesitate to buy molded sulfur. It means a lot :)

Photos are taken using Pentax Espio Mini + Fuji Xtra 400

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  1. Ijennya sendiri atau pakai tur?

    1. biasa ngurus sendiri Pebry, ga pernah pake tur. bawa tenda sendiri hahaha

    2. Boleh minta emailnya? Kebetulan juga mau ke Ijen bulan Februari. Thanks

    3. :D perginya bareng anne ya? :))

  2. This is so special. Dont have anything else to express this feeling when i see these photos <3